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Best camping tents for 2023

Going out camping is a form of therapy and self-care for many people, so you want a relaxing experience. You can only do this with a good night’s rest. For this, the tent you choose is essential to the experience you have during your camping trip.

Tents come in so many different shapes and sizes with different features that some might find useful where as for others, it doesn’t really matter. While these things comes down to personal preferences, there are a few general features that the best camping tents have.

If you’re looking at the market to buy a new tent, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of available tents. This article will look at the top 5 camping tents, discuss their features, and the different factors you need to keep in mind before buying a tent.

Products Comparison:

Camping tentsMaterialWeightPerson capacitySelling point
Core Extended Dome tent for Camping
Polyester‎18.21 lbs9 PersonsH20 Block Technology
Campros Water And Wind Proof Camping Tent
185T Polyester, Fiberglass17.4 lbs8 PersonsScreen separator
Coleman Evanston Dome Tent
Nylon8.81 lbs6 PersonsExtended full screen space
Wakeman lightweight camping tent
Polyester, Fiberglass3.13 lbs2 PersonsDual-layer door
Coleman Instant Setup Cabin Tent
Polyethylene, Polyester, Alloy Steel19.1 lbs4 PersonsInstant Set-up

Best Camping Tent For Durability: Campros Water And Wind Proof Camping Tent

Best Camping Tent For Space: Coleman Evanston Dome Tent

Best Camping Tent for Quick Setup: Coleman Instant Setup Cabin Tent

Best Camping Tent For Large Groups: Core Extended Dome tent for Camping

Best Camping Tent For Portability: Wakeman lightweight camping tent

Product Reviews:

Core Extended Dome tent for Camping

The Core Extended Dome Camping tent is needed if you have many people at camp. It can fit at least three queen-sized mattresses, and nine people can comfortably sleep inside this tent. The frame is made of fiberglass with a gear loft and a lantern hook which proves convenient at night. It also has many storage pockets inside the tent, so you can always organize your belongings properly.

For those who can’t be without their electronics, this tent provides you the power you need with an electrical cord access port. But not to worry, when you don’t need to use it, you can close it for maximum safety.

This Core tent comes with H20 Block Technology which helps keep the inside of the tent dry and cozy without any moisture. There are also air vents at the bottom of the tent. This way, there’s always proper air circulation inside the tent.


  • Heat-sealed seams for extra rain protection
  • It comes with adjustable air vents
  • It has a rainfly that can come on and off as you need


  • The mesh on the tent is not small enough for tiny insects and bugs

Campros Water And Wind Proof Camping Tent

If you are looking for a big size tent that is both wind and waterproof, this Campros tent has you covered. It is made of 185T Polyester, which means you can rely on this tent to give you protection even with extended use. The Campros tent is entirely water resistant and guarantees to give you a comfortable and dry stay even when it rains.

The most frustrating part about camping is setting up the tent, but not with the Campros tent.

There is absolutely no need to stress about the setup of this tent as it won’t take more than two people to get it up and ready. The mechanism is pretty simple and the tent comes with zippers so you can quickly set up camp and go do other activities.

There is ample ventilation with five large windows and one door with mesh. This design ensures that you keep the bugs out but still have enough fresh air to breathe. You can use the curtain to separate the room inside the tent if you need some privacy. Even if you have no use for the privacy screen inside the tend, the screen can double as a projector screen where you can use a projector and watch movies or tv shows.


  • It is spacious enough for eight people to sleep comfortably
  • It comes with one year warranty for high-quality assurance
  • It has an electrical port and mesh pockets where you can store your belongings


  • You can fit only two mattresses if you want to move around the tent easily

Coleman Evanston Dome Tent

This completely weatherproof camping tent is the best purchase for anyone who likes camping out even in harsh weather conditions. The Coleman Dome tent is made with 75D polyester taffeta to give you the ultimate protection against strong winds and heavy rain.

You can enjoy a separate screen room for an uninterrupted lounge session. This additional space also adds comfort for those warm nights when you need extra room. You never have to worry about air circulation inside the Coleman Dome tent because there is ample ventilation with all the mesh windows and large door.

It even comes fully packed with all the features you need for a comfortable camping experience out in the wild. The Coleman tent is built for durability with a frame that is strong and sturdy with protected seams and waterproof floors meaning that you never have to worry about leakage or the tent collapsing on itself.


  • It has a full floor screen for a camping experience free of bugs
  • It comes with a carry bag for easy portability
  • It comes with storage pockets for quick organization


  • The manual’s instructions on setting up this tent are pretty complicated.

Wakeman Lightweight Camping Tent

If you are looking for a lightweight tent that is also sturdy and does the job, this Wakeman tent for two people is all you need. The material of the tent is polyester for extra durability along with fiberglass poles for the frame which adds to both sturdiness and innovation.

This tent is ideal for all kinds of activities like camping and hiking. Since it is a very lightweight tent, it’s easy to carry around, no matter where you’re headed.

There’s also a removable rain fly, so there’s enough ventilation for extra fresh air. This tent also features storage pockets where you can keep your belongings organized.

The door to this tent is layered, so you have enough privacy and protection from bugs. The best part is that this tent only comes with two fiberglass poles, so it’s super easy to set up and disassemble. You’ll have a tent ready in no time at all.


  • Super lightweight and easy to carry
  • Dual-layered door for privacy and protection
  • Removable rainfly for extra ventilation


  • It’s not made for harsh weather conditions

Coleman Instant Setup Cabin Tent

If all your worries about camping are the impending frustration about setting up your tent, then the Coleman instant setup tent is the only solution you need. This tent comes with pre-attached poles to help you cut down the time you spend setting up camp. You only have to unfold the tent and extend the sides to revel the full size of the tent and then secure it to the ground.

It will take you less than a minute to get this tent ready for use, so no more wasting time reading the manual or getting confused attaching the poles to the tent.

Another unique feature of this tent is that it is designed with the WeatherTec system, which means that it is fully equipped with inverted seams and welded floors, so you never have to worry about water leaking into the tent. Even in the rainy season, you can rely on this tent to keep you dry.

The material of this tent is Polyguard 2x, a double-thick fabric that can withstand the harshest weather conditions and any kind of terrain. Plus, it’s big enough to fit at least six people comfortably, so this Coleman tent is the perfect addition for all those big group camping trips.


  • Super easy and quick assembly
  • With this tent, you can easily pack it up and store it in a carry bag.
  • There are mesh pockets where you can store your electronics and other belongings.


  • The rainfly is sold separately

Buyer’s Guide:

Before you decide to buy a camping tent, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Let’s take a look at some of them:


You first need to consider what size camping tent you need. Are you going camping alone or with a big group? The tent’s capacity is one of the most important things to take into consideration before only then will you have enough room for everyone who is camping with you.

You should size up when purchasing a tent to comfortably move around inside the tent. Also, think about your luggage. If you have a lot of baggage, you might want to buy an even bigger tent to keep it all inside the tent while also having enough room to sleep comfortably.


When buying tents, you need to think about when you’re planning on camping- specifically, which season. While you get tents designed for a specific season, you can also find 4-season tents, which, like the name suggests, can be used in any season.

This means that the tents are fully equipped with ventilation for the summer seasons, mesh screens for keeping out the bugs, and also made with waterproof material to keep the rain out. These tents cover essential functions, such as providing privacy, keeping you dry in the rainy season, shielding you from the wind, and heat retention for the cold seasons.

However, if you’re looking for a tent for one-time use or for camping in the summer, you can go for 3-season or 3/4-season tents. They are not as sturdy and do not provide all-around protection, but they are good enough to keep you safe.


One of the primary things that all tens have is doors and windows doe ventilation. You need to ensure that the tent has enough ventilation points, such as roof vents and mesh windows, so there is proper air circulation inside the tent.

At the same time, you must ensure that you can cover these ventilation points in case of strong winds or rainfall.


One of the things that many campers hate to do is set up their tents because of the complicated instructions that most tents come with. It also has a lot of parts, specifically poles where you’re supposed to insert your tent.

Look for a tent that does not come with a very long manual. You want to be able to set it up as easily and quickly as possible. Preferably, if you can get a tent that does not require more than two people to set up, it’s even better.

Awnings And Vestibules:

Since camping is an outdoor activity, you might be in the wilderness for a long time. This means that you’re either trekking or hiking on rough terrain, which might make your shoes and clothes muddy and dusty. You do not want to get them inside your tent and dirty your sleeping space. For this reason, tents that come with vestibules and awnings are great.

These are storage spaces outside the tent where you can keep your shoes and socks before you go inside your tent. While it is unnecessary, it’s a feature that proves quite handy if your camping vacation is activity-based.


If you’re planning on hiking to your campsite, you might also want to consider the tent’s weight. You wouldn’t want to carry a heavy tent in your backpack as you trek or hike. So a lightweight yet sturdy and functional tent is ideal for these campers.

Storage Space:

Some tents have a lot of mesh pockets for storage purposes inside the tent. This is ideal if you want to keep your belongings organized. You also don’t take up floor space inside the tent.


Whatever tent you decide to buy, you should also know how to take care of it. Especially if you are planning on investing a little bit of money in your tent purchase, read the user’s manual and care for your tent accordingly.

This will ensure that your tent lasts as long as possible and will be in peak condition the next time you take it out for another camping adventure.

So there you go, our list of the top 5 camping tents you need to consider if you plan to buy one this year. And with our comprehensive buying guide, you should be ready to experience the most blissful camping adventure ever!